The Glatisant: Issue #9

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  • Here is the author/illustrator/designer/cartographer Andrew Kolb explaining the book himself:

  • Underground Adventures reviews Any Planet is Earth (PDF), a scifi system (with some Maze Rats influences) that takes Into the Odd one step further and forgoes both attack rolls AND damage rolls.

In a nutshell, it is to Classic Traveller what Into the Odd is to Dungeons & Dragons.

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Free Kriegsspiel Roleplaying

So we have…

A tight-lipped Barbarian from the North with scarred forearms

Another question: Can you imagine what equipment this barbarian is carrying?

Of course you can! A sword. A flask. Heavy fur boots. Drab. Fur cap. A backpack. Jerky. 

The power of clichés at work.

So what really matters is not equipment lists or "starting equipment" (a perennial favorite in OSR circles), but a good, solid character description. And clichés work best for that.


Dungeon Crawl Classics (PDF, Print) illustrator Stefan Poag has been doing occasional livestreams on the Goodman Games twitch channel, showing off his process.

Sam Mameli at Better Legends has been doing redesigns of all the D&D dragon types. Here’s him rethinking the Green Dragon.


"If you've ever played a video game and been frustrated the hero can't try to climb over a fence, you've experienced intractability. A tractable world rewards you for paying attention to what the dm describes. 'Oh wait, i remember there was a big delicious looking ham with a big poker fork jabbed into it two rooms back. I'll bet we could use it to prop this door open."

Adventure Design

This is a medium-sized dungeon written for high level adventurers used to dungeon crawling. It is meant to confound many of standard dungeon crawling tricks, particularly the reliability of "clearing" a dungeon. Completing the dungeon requires the players to solve a simple puzzle, made more challenging by the dungeon's central gimmick. At its center is a classic video game style multi-phase boss fight, meant to be attempted several times if the challenge is too difficult when encountered.

  • Mazirian’s Garden invents a method of running a citycrawl. Ben has come up with so many useful subsystems (especially his downtime activities). I really hope these get compiled and published at some point.


  • Patrick at False Machine re-imagines a Beholder as a ball of rats for his Goose Gold and Goblins game.

A Ratmaster is created when many very bad rats eat an extremely magical book, or more than half of a wizard.

  • Goodberry Monthly has been posting about a new near-future fantasy setting called Everlasting Summer, as well as an unsettling document on The Unicorn.

Tables and Game Content


Set of opalised dinosaur teeth from Lightning Ridge, Australia. Grows into a legion of opalised skeleton warriors if sown in fertile soil. Discovered in 1993 by the miner John Hutt, whose attempt to declare his off-grid property an independent principality backed by a skeleton army was thwarted by the New South Wales police with only minimal casualities.

Miscellaneous Posts

  • Coins and Scrolls has a massive community hexcrawl under development.

  • Grognardia has a two-part interview with Warhammer creator Rick Priestly.

  • Speaking of Warhammer, Dana Howl has a wonderful retrospective on Warhammer Fantasy Battles 6th edition, which was the first edition of the game that I encountered as a child.

  • Chris McDowall has released an Into the Odd SRD, and a “Mark of the Odd” logo to go with it.

  • gg no re attempts to play Dragonlance absolutely straight. Flavor text and all.

See you next issue!