The Glatisant: Issue #8

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New Releases & Upcoming Projects

The Knock! OSR magazine I previewed in Issue #7 now has a YouTube trailer! No Kickstarter date yet, but I hear it will be very soon.

At Monsters and Manuals, David McGrogan announces an upcoming 2nd Edition of Yoon-Suin, one of the first OSR books I ever bought.

Two new hacks of my game Knave have been released: Glaive and Cairn.

Into the Odd has a new Sword and Sorcery hack: Weird North.

Gavin Norman announces an official Zine for Old School Essentials: Carcass Crawler.

A new writer/illustrator named Andrew Kolb is creating a sandboxy hexcrawl adventure for 5e set in Neverland. It’s very reminiscent of Hot Springs Island. I particularly like the 1950s-inspired illustrations.

The Bard returns with some predictions about the upcoming HeroQuest boardgame reprint. At least some of his predictions (especially about the more cartoony art style) appear to have been on target.

I recently found a forum where someone has blown up the original HeroQuest artwork to a size suitable for posters. Also, here’s an inside look at how Hasbro lost the HeroQuest trademark to Chaosium, and then got it back again.

Kevin Crawford (Stars Without Number) has launched his long-awaited fantasy sandbox game Worlds Without Number on Kickstarter! It has offset print copies for the first time!

The third volume of the “28” Magazine has been released. If you are at all interested in the wargaming scene, it’s a must read. 228 pages of essays, advice, and incredible kitbashed miniatures.

While we’re on the subject of Warhammer, Miscast has a great multi-part YouTube series on creating a grotesque Nurgle army where every model is a conversion:

Free Kriegsspiel Revolution


The Wandering DMs interview James Maliszewski about the return of Grognardia.

Chris McDowall (Electric Bastionland) continues his run of excellent interviews with OSR creators on the Bastionland Podcast, including discussions with Zedeck Siew (Lorn Song of the Bachelor) on worldbuilding, Emmy Allen (The Dolorous Stroke) on narrative wargaming, Zachary Cox (Best Left Buried) on horror gaming and David Black (The Black Hack) on solo games.




  • Game Maker’s Toolkit has a fantastic video on the way that building incentive structures into your rules can backfire.

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